• SAMUEL SAMI Faculty of Engineering, University of North Dakota, North Dakota, United State of America.


PV-Thermal, thermal storage, phase change materials, Magnetized Nanofluids, numerical modeling, model validation


A numerical simulation model that was established after the mass and energy conservation equations coupled with the heat transfer equations and thermophysical properties of magnetized nanofluids Al2O3, CuO, Fe304, and SiO2, to predict the behavior of different phase change materials, paraffin under the effect of different operating conditions It has been observed during the phase charging process that the nanofluid Al2O3 used as heat transfer fluid exhibited the longest time compared to other nanofluids and water as base fluid. Also, the results indicated that the nanofluid Fe304 had the shortest time consumed during the phase charging process under different solar radiations. Besides, it was found the higher the nanofluid concentration the longer the time to reach a liquid fraction compared to water as a base fluid, and less thermal load is needed to reach the threshold of phase change. Finally, the presented numerical model compared fairly with published experimental data under different conditions.


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