• FIRAS SAMI ALSHARBATY Electrical Engineering Department, Mosul University, Mosul, Iraq.
  • QUTAIBA IBRAHEM ALI Computer Engineering Department, Mosul University, Mosul, Iraq.


advanced metering infrastructure, bs sector, demand side management, fog computing, renewable energy


This research suggests a communication network infrastructure based on WiMAX technology for smart grid applications to address the features of resilience, expansion, availability and self-powered based-renewable energy. The suggested communication network proposes self-powered infrastructure consists of WiMAX base stations (BSs) enhanced by decentralized data processing based on fog computing to compensate the various types of smart grid applications (real time and non-real time applications) such as wide area monitoring and control (WAMC), video surveillance, metering, tariffs, alarm, and demand side management (DSM). Further, this work compares among the proposed infrastructure with two traditional cases: wireless scenario with centralized processing, hybrid scenario includes WiMAX BSs connected to the control center by cables. The results indicated that, the wireless proposed case based-decentralized processing and self-powered could handle the various types of smart grid applications in terms of data reliability, capacity, and latency. Moreover, the enhanced wireless scenario offers privileges compared to other scenarios from: resilience, availability, and power consumption independence points of view.


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