• OLADEJI OLUNIYI OLANRELE Faculty of Engineering and Technology, First Technical University, Oyo State, Nigeria.
  • OYETUNDE ADEOYE ADEAGA Faculty of Engineering and Technology, First Technical University, Oyo State, Nigeria.
  • OLUSEYI AFOLABI ADEYEMI School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.
  • OLUWASEUN KAYODE AJAYI Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State, Nigeria.
  • ALEX OMOYELE MOWEMI Faculty of Engineering, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.


smart system, ESP8266, DHT 11 Sensors, ThingSpeak, microcontroller


This paper is about the development of an internet-based weather station system to monitor temperature, humidity, light intensity and predict the possibility of whether it will rain or not. The real-time monitoring system was connected to a microcontroller embedded with a Wi-Fi module (NodeMCU/ESP8266), a temperature and humidity sensor (DHT 11), and a light-dependent resistor (LDR). This device is designed as a platform to provide adequate information for immediate and future weather forecasts. The measured parameters are sent to an open-source IoT analytics platform (ThingSpeak), recorded in the channel, and were downloaded for analysis purposes. The temperature and humidity level was monitored using the Things View Android application and can be accessed by anybody once given the Thing Speak channel ID. Weather data was easily viewed and it can aid in appropriate planning. This IoT-based system will help keep up with the demand of the ravaging global warming with the provision of real-time data for planning towards land preparation and crop planting and for other purposes that are weather dependent.


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