• CYPRIAN MABONGA School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Kabarak University, Nakuru, Kenya.
  • SHADRACK BETT School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Kabarak University, Nakuru, Kenya.
  • KAVOO LINGE School of Medicine, Jono Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi, Kenya.


erectile dysfunction, Mondia Whitei, testosterone, aphrodisiac


Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence continues to ravage men of today and thus lowering their self-esteem. Many people in African set up, have used Mondia Whitei as a libido booster, fertility enhancer thus terming it an aphrodisiac yet minimal and often conflicting empirical data exists to support its therapeutic value. Male sexual performance is driven by normal levels of Testosterone hormone. This study aimed at evaluating the acute effects of aqueous extract of Mondia whitei on reproductive hormone levels, in male albino rats following oral administration. The research involve experimental design where 3 sets of 9 rats each had oral administration of Mondia whitei extracts at the dosage of 100, 200 and 400mg/Kg body weight respectively, which take place in research laboratory was at University of Eldoret animal house and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Immunology lab. The outcome involve trend analysis indicated that within the groups, Testosterone levels were high on the first 10 days in group II(6.02ng/ml) compared to controls (4.68 ng/ml),( p < 0.05) and on 15th and 30th day. In conclusion, this study suggests that Mondia whitei may be beneficial as an aphrodisiac if used in low doses and for a shorter duration.


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