• OLUWASEUN ODEYEMI ADEGBAYO Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Nigeria.


rammer, specimen, compressive strength, sand rammer, foundry


In designing the Standard Sand Rammer, systematic design analysis of the fundamental theories required to make it functional was considered and also the standard specification of the American Foundry Society (AFS) 50mm x Height 50mm as per Metric (Dia. 2" x Height 2" as per AFS.) was taken into consideration. The standard sand specimen is used in various tests including permeability, compressive strength, shear strength, and friability. The sand rammer was designed to avail foundry industries in Nigeria, and small-scale foundries acquire primary foundry equipment to test and control raw materials to improve castings quality. The standard sand rammer was fabricated from locally sourced materials, tested, and found to produce a cylindrical specimen of 50mm by 50mm after three rams. These show similar results compared with an imported rammer.


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