• ABHIMANYU AWASTHI Amity University Haryana


hotel occupancy, hotel sales, room revenue, F7B revenue, employee behavior


Due to ongoing pandemic caused by COVID-19 and delay in manufacturing the medicine for COVID-19 treatment, there has been a significant loss of economy in from low gross domestic product, loss of job, shambling economy, shut down of businesses and fear among hospitality industry employees due to job cuts, layoffs and unpaid working creating low morale, poor psychology and lowering staff performance and behavior. It was need of the hour to explore the hotel operations on the parameters of hotel occupancy, hotel sales, room revenue, food & beverage revenue and employee behavior to gain the in depth insight of managerial level employees as they are the one who lead and manage their respective teams in all operational activities. The study was conducted through a questionnaire based on Likert scale questions to study and explore the in depth perception and impact caused by COVID-19 induced pandemic. The study also focuses on reviewing the various quality literatures from reputed journals, websites, articles and online web news portals for gaining the insights of information available pertaining to the COVID-19 induced changes in hospitality and tourism sector and impacts. For analyzing the primary data mean, mean2 and standard deviation, research techniques were used to further interpret the collected data. Since the response was to be gained from the specific level employees of the hotels of Delhi-NCR, managing and leading operations so the sample size is 34. This was one of the limitations of the study.


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