• HUDA AL-TAYYAR College of Engineering, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq.


aircraft control model, controlled variables, linearization loop, nonlinear dynamic inversion controller, proportional controller gain, stability


Aircraft systems are nonlinear in nature and this will force the designer to use many linear controllers, thereafter gain scheduling them depending on the aircraft's operating system. The dynamic inversion controller is characterized by its non-linear handling of aircraft, so it is appropriate for a variety of operating conditions such as sharp angles of launch, swoop, and high speed. In this paper a design of a nonlinear dynamic inversion controller has analyzed for aircraft dynamics. The performance verification of this controller has employed by MATLAB toolbox as simulation systems. A discussion of a dynamic inversion model, which produces a controller with two loops; the inner feedback as linearization loop and the second loop as outer tracking, has been presented. One of the most important features of this method is that it makes the feedback closed simultaneously, which enhances the specifications of the controller and reaches the desired results. The results have shown when increasing in the gain, the time needed to enter steady state and stability dynamics will be less. On the other hand the amplitude of un-stability and curve distortion in the beginning dynamics curve will be stronger as gain increased. There is a need of tradeoff between two cases to get reasonable performance of aircraft control model.


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